Friday, 23 June 2017

Welcome one and all!

Hello and welcome to Beside the Willow Tree. The bio says it all really but for those that might be seeing this post first - this blog will be a mixture of travel and lifestyle and bits and bobs that make me tick. I've dabbled in blogging a number of times throughout the years but never really stuck with it... until now! I've been looking for a hobby for a while and now I'm back working in Digital Marketing - it seems like the right time to get back into it. So I'm hoping you'll all join me on this journey and will enjoy the experiences I share with you. Since I've hit the grand old age of 30, I've decided to experience as many things as possible. From afternoon teas, epic holidays to just trying things I've never done before. And the idea is I get to share all of that with you.

So thanks for joining me and look at for my next blog very soon...

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