Sunday, 9 July 2017

Afternoon tea at Dormy House

Afternoon teas are one of my favourite things to do as it combines two of my loves - tea and cake! Over the past couple of years I've made it my mission to venture out for an afternoon tea at least twice a year and to head off to places I've never been before. I usually don't go to the same place twice due to wanting to experience as many different places as possible, but yesterday I made an exception. Cue... Dormy House in Broadway.

I went to this quaint hotel & spa last Christmas and was in awe at how lovely the place was and most importantly, how yummy the afternoon tea was. So when I went again yesterday, it had to live up to my expectations from the last trip - and it didn't disappoint! The staff are attentive and polite and the food is always top notch. Granted you don't get a lot at an afternoon tea which is why not everyone likes them, but after not eating since breakfast and having a booking at 2.30pm - I was definitely full after I'd finished! 

So they say a picture says a thousand words and these are sure screaming 'EAT ME' - which I did of course!

Sandwiches and cakes galore!

Plain or fruit scones and plenty of cream!

Choose of small cakes. Just enough to fill you up.

Best sausage roll... ever!

We had a wonderful display of finger sandwiches and cakes and the star of the show - the good old english scones. I'm not a fan of fruit scones, so I'm always happy that they also offer plain. You would be surprised at how many places don't offer this! The sausage roll was the best we'd ever tried, however you do need to pay extra for this. It's £5 which some may consider expensive for the size, but trust me - it's worth it!

I could talk about the food all day but let me tell you a little about the set-up. The afternoon tea is served in the Garden Room restaurant where you have the choice of sitting inside or outside. Of course when I went last Christmas this wasn't an option, but if you're heading there over the summer, you should make use of the outside space. 

The Garden Room

All the tables are set so nicely and when you're basking in the sun - there is no where better to be. 

The Garden

Cute table set-up

Now the hotel itself is beautiful no matter which room you enter. Think chic farmhouse and you'll picture what I mean. The spa is right near the Garden Rooms so you get a lovely smell lingering in the air making you dream of massages and relaxing in the pool. And the toilets! Well... I'm a sucker for a posh toilet, so I couldn't resist getting my camera out to show you all!

The Spa

Love a posh toilet!

All in all with the food and atmosphere, I'd definitely give Dormy House an 8/10. One day I'd love to stay here for a night, but I think I'd need to save up a lot of pocket money before that happens as a night doesn't come cheap! Until next time Dormy...

Dormy House

P.S And for those of you curious what's on the menu, check out the below pic to see all the different types of teas and extras you can buy on the day.

Prices and choices

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